The most in-demand Data tech skills for 2022

Data Engineers considering a change of role in the new year will want to understand the numbers behind their most valuable skills. cord assessed the number of message requests received per Engineer with different data-related primary skills, in order to establish which are most sought-after by employers.

Engineers considering changing jobs in 2022 can use this data to assess the demand for their skillset and/or decide which skills to learn in order to maximise their chances of success.


“Primary skills” refer to the skills that engineers identify as part of their primary skillset when they create their profiles on cord. They can select multiple skills.

“Message requests” are messages sent by companies to engineers, regardless of whether or not the engineer accepts that request.

“Engineer” refers to any jobseeker on cord. For the purposes of this article, “Data Engineer,” unless used in the specific context of a particular job title, refers to any Engineer in a Data-driven position (Data Science, Data Analysis, and Data Engineering) on cord.

Baseline data

On average, during the six months from which data is drawn, engineers received the following number of message requests on average:

All functions: 2.92

Data: 2.02

Top 5

AWS. Popular among Data Engineers and Data Scientists, Engineers who knew AWS received 3.45x as many message requests as the average Data Engineer.

ETL. Unsurprisingly, the ability to manipulate data using ETL was another sought-after skill, with the 60 Engineers who listed it as a primary skill sharing 308 message requests between them.

Java. The most sought-after language for Data Engineers, with those proficient in Java receiving 2.24x as many message requests as the average Data Engineer.

Azure. While not as sought-after as AWS, Data Engineers who knew Azure were still approached 1.82x as often as the average Data Engineer.

Python. Data Engineers who knew Python shared 3,744 message requests — by far the highest number of all the Data skills. However, the fact that 1,034 Data Engineers listed Python as a primary skill means it only just made the top 5.

Notable mentions

Besides Java and Python, C# and C++ are the next most in-demand languages for Data Engineer.

Only 371 out of 1,660 Data Engineers (22.35%) listed SQL as a primary skill, and shared 1,339 message requests between them.

Key Insights

  • AWS is the most in-demand skill for Data Engineers
  • Java is the most in-demand language for Data Engineers, while Python is the most popular
  • Only 22.35% of Data Engineers listed SQL as a primary skill.
  • Link to Insights article

Data Disclaimer

Data is based on 1,660 Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Deep Learning Engineers, Computer Vision Engineers and Machine Learning Engineers who joined cord in the 6 months to 7th January 2022.



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